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subscribe to our YouTube channel and press the bell icon dear races I mean my team members and my students what a MOOC a machine with the solder got a place here again at the community volunteer Ian when do you set the motor racing should let me with the derivative Warner nama students Barney when to the cells results animal Kaimuki on under CW Terry Martin over in G together and now you see em in Griselda kaha touch table develop water from a peanut verse n Nikki may in the render yet erased with a blue card Markham say yeah so he Allah will appear in the photo shoot or decamp Arcana in Doha Shatila number self random what angle you know more than you do he would make a period achievement here at Cardinal no foolin Adam opium addict available number Team India the corner of gajja no more alert and annul Murray wills plan money 170 number learned 15 denied Oracle allow the Diwali learn they only work either l RS system apart Superfund law allows nama students apart strip on lap number team imparted formula multiple quarters and games 75 days of mega fun I get a connector on a cash basis capital and Cardassia Maryam voodoo would mega price ela Kanaga mega bar a trace of impurity whoa alarm party pondering in number on number team members students Alana parts with burning and cations of ashemark on an area learn monitoring in the angular hashtag mega bar trace all the worst okay now but see Paloma you are all aware about the ladies I think you’re not innovating eagerly so descriptive writing comprises letter like week as well as essay writing so what I thought was the context regarding necessary I think I’m little I think what most the same you know so first we will see the contents so I thought we will do the essay writing first so that you will understand the contents to be given in the letter writing also and then letters I think what a format worked Oh number next video which will be of tomorrow we will be see so now I am going to do a program for how to write it awesome – a graph is say ok so because of 100 200 to 250 words so if this if it is 200 was split it into 40 words or five paragraphs or if it is 250 words 50 words into five paragraphs so our eight is spot how to write an awesome five paragraph essay so this would be very simple so what the steps are first you need to pick a topic so pick a topic in a sense examine pathing enough it will be either choose so either on this tour on this a big poster format but norm of preparation there we know I’ll be giving you the basic topics so pick a topic and E – brain strong it is not about the language letter H is anything it’s not based on topic not based on language it is based on the topic indicator the context will come just because I am very good at English it doesn’t mean that I can write submissive in any topic I need to know the content and knowledge dr. Taylor so what you need to do the second step is brainstorm so please job is about the read related articles magazines or books this will be your second step then the third step once you read these related articles collect or jaunt opponents and organize it in a third point organized coherence is very very important in your essay or letter writing if you on of a peer deal already say let me give you just a common topic like global warming or pollution or dinner linger 10th or 12th standard relevant I say remove it just will be thinking yeah I could remove the water pollution then think about some bus horns or anything then we think about a pollution of noise pollution etc you can never do like that you need an order so the third important step is organizing your ideas so first step I don’t you pick out the topic second step read related articles and collect down the points now the collected points you will put it under different organizing in the points and cut it apart no I mean so return the coherence you need to bring now once you decide on all this you have to decide the purpose of your essay so you are cut the original a pain so later minute beside funding you know so that there are different types of writing so I am going to elaborate on all the types because your times so we will discuss three broad topics times okay what do you say where in your topic if a global one before you let our pollution anything enough on the on the topic and in ordinary or explicitly time money editor now it it’s positive Deena it is just explaining an idea or concept so on the 250 words raining huh well you should my in a global warming my internet behaviors example so I think here the poor a topic period but type of a secretary to one expository second type is analytical or compare and contrast Italian Sony got a global warming or pollution nikuman Havel Espanola analyzing the sense brakes done something to examine and built the leader understand it so third type is argument again so this is to make a claim to change the readers mind evoke a global warming is very urgent need of being in Aegina under a severe you should bring them back on the region so that is called argumentative so you decided this will be the fourth piston you decide that type of the acid based on the purpose of your writing so if a once you decide this now we are going to go to the file Peres is same so what will be there in the first panel a stack em Peres etcetera will see now can’t decide rate there are purpose of your writing you will decide the type of the writing narrator or argumentative or analytical so once now you decided in your dataset being a particle optical sled being a collector coins a prison the child is not more hiding here is along gentleman expert writer he wants to write like that he knows the contents but normal eye for beginners so beginners whatever type of articles you have read so far at the base money collected for their opinion either younger bird sending into the cornea so now let us see the five paragraphs what will be their five partners the first paragraph I call it as the thesis statement so thesis statement over a year they are the muscle Wanda Edina introduction being over school distant of a potential for introduction three paragraphs long body the last paragraph is called the conclusion but if we never advanced level uvula row so that instead of the introduction we call it as an easy statement so what does a thesis statement are departing a lot it way it has to tell the leader whether you are going to explain the concept or you are going to analyze it examine it or you are going to say whether it is good or bad so on the type of the essay back on the interaction clinical solidity yeah general – introduction of what is for you shake what is global warming this is a normal opening we will not do that since we are all like compliant children you have grown up but angry in a mummy Madrid nobody should open a thesis statement with something attractive so you need to collect some codes or some proverb or some free of famous idioms to suit the topic so we’re all putting on there topic related up or a different turn it over punch ladder or anything article that is thought are the couple on the number we will say what is pollution or what does global warming etcetera so this will be your first paragraph okay this is treatment second ebook body the second third and fourth paragraphs we call it as the body so the body of the paragraph of the essay should I tell about three key points so through Peter Pan was under points is so low good idea so three different points are highlight from the known so the first the point what should it contain a big enough it should give the strongest point of yours about the topic and you need to justify or substantiate with examples and illustrations before ever collect believe it’s info are the one who need help on it could be data I call it it’s validated Mithra period argumentative now you will give the benefits if it is analytical again so DN a– analyst for math Buster strongest point will be the first point which is the second paragraph the third paragraph you should highlight the second strongest point of yours about the topic the Smith illustrations and examples and forty to fifty words and the fourth paragraph will have your third poignant which is like weaker point Pollard more keep on and let the weakest point will be the third paragraph but also putting a substantiation with examples and illustrations so forty fifty words may not be very difficult when organizing my next one is your first paragraph which is the conclusion so the conclusion is nothing but restating the thesis statement so what you water to tell the audience are the therapy so da da da conclusion restate the thesis statement summarizing the three key points and make a very remarkable or significant or noticeable final conclusion of yours this is called the conclusion so now I would like to explain with one particular topic in all the three types yes so almost all of them would have told you about this introduction body conclusion etcetera and even I told you about the same thing in my power technical jargon it’s a PC State friend three key points and the conclusion updates on the calm people still many of you would be thinking about it so what does introduction what is the thesis statement how to write the three key points how to write the conclusion etc either information or a topic it mean a different type standing among the earth alarm this video you will literally I am going to give you H give a about the three different types of presenting one hunting one topic what various leaders about narrative or explain entry opening so know so narrative is going to end today I’m just going to take the topic GST so GST in the topic apathy panaderia I told you you become topics are we have picked a topic GST people we have read a lot of articles collected some points if we are all the respond above you know points per game if we don’t compare or does my dear friends it communicate in analyzing arguments Catarina point silca in there just explanation cool points record pocket you’re going to start your they say right so we will take GST so I will click on introduction body and conclusion so this introduction I told you we will not say Jenny Malayalam in our building and TST is the goods and services tax up in our people so this is a very normal beginning but I told you your essays should that thesis statement should really attract the reader 1 and angle 40 words color it should keep the leader the idea whether it is forcing something or explaining something or analyzing something okay so in Perseus taper married the first time I’m going to take mandated or explicitly pay for GST let I don’t know we should start with the catchy words so let us take one robber the hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax given by Albert Einstein so used to Parliament if no motion control sorry I’m Rudy and re-emission kakapo TLX Anna a very gay Paree are no the video I eat dinner yes me but I could so this is a famous code so we can start with this put again so one of the oldest attacks is the income tax but now we are going to this topic is about GST are dealing Arabic was okay from the reader a little kahramana okay in the Salah for ahead update so now we are going to stay again DSP is the amalgamating of the different central and state taxes into a single tax appeared in our big long just explained under the middle there this is a significant taken by our central government to mitigate the cascading or double taxation system it is very very transparent and it puts the Indian products as competitive as possible in the domestic as well as the international market in providing about the GST rate in production narrator pipelines are moving them is that clear so this is the introduction now we are going to the main context the second third and the fourth paragraph so a point of a partner three key points the Sylvania so everything on has what it began on Lina collect pollen Schindler three key points that Felicity for together he needed telephone aerated drink so you have to explain the salient features that will be the main point of yours okay so sunlight features a collect Penelope here are the governor three or four salient features finger to be enough forty to fifty words your first main point now the second main point you would highlight three or four benefits so that will be your second point explanation about Gina steel then the third paragraph thought may infer fourth paragraph third key point will talk about the limitations of GST I told you Leah the third key point will be the biggest argument if I’m a genius Tea Party Ramon biggest so now it’s a single taxes done so and it is very it is going to be transparent and now it is given by the economist that it will reduce the prices along so limitations workman will be the weakest point even if you are collected it from a so many articles so that will be your third key poignant two three or four you can right good let’s on stone now we come to the last paragraph curriculum shell so if wanna be the exploitation of GST – Rico so impact of GST so highlight your few goods which will come down because of GST and highlight a few goods which will in get the prices will get increased because of GST and you will conclude your narrative type of essay on the topic GST there is one more problem also you can include in the conclusion length of flights to certainties like death and tax the only one for which you can get an automatic extension this is also here famous drama given by anonymous so you can give this as such conclusion concluding statement in the narrative type of essay say no matter one or two proverbs or cut codes or radium’s sell it funny first to last of everything enough it will impress the reader so now I am going to take the same topic GST but you can present it as an argumentative essay okay so argumentative essay again the same five paragraphs introduction body with about three paragraphs and conclusion with one paragraph but either yep dinner where the Quran being particular it is based on your points only the italic funny opinion so on the some mana reader would have given you all positives about GST or our negatives about GST so we’re cutting America so our cleaner is funnier in food it is it becomes an argumentative essay so what seem introduction as it only should be catchy all right into number I told you what the thesis statement should tell the leader that it is going to be an argumentative so one code which I’ve collected is in the coating the compactor boom your file is a task for doing something wrong your taxes are fine for doing something right this is a code base by a given by an anonymous about it Thanks so if we party not something right something wrong or decomposing leader you’re okay we are going to deal something with arguments so you start your introduction with such a code expert they’re telling them it is an argument leader and also you will present the facts in such a way whether it is good or bad good eat it now we will go to the body or there are three paragraphs people either end up passing Anna first pony I told you the strongest point you will just explain the poles on the side it just can be forgettable in their salient so I mean maybe even get you collect money from Ortega so in your opinion so one or two side lengths we just coded it it then you will give your limitations even of argument furniture coin here so the what are the problems the strongest point and the GST cool cool then the third paragraph or the second main poignant will highlight the benefits so will will paragraph very critical paragraph limitations now the third key point which will be the fourth paragraph will summarize the business and the limitations and you are going to argue which is better and we just become now the conclusion in such a high profile they say you will highlight it your views whether based on these summarizing de so summarizing about a putting on a positive a favor partly Jana now on Angie no positive benefits a highlight ponytail to weaker points are collocated so I so this is a welcome change update more opinion conclusion unless you want to change the reader into negative Deena summarizing four or five negative points corseted one or two positive points go to the tail this will not bring any positive changes but has got lot of negative consequences nothing at Monica polling yet so ugly I will give you one more important proverb we must care for each other more and tax each other less at the lower probable in a modest column so you may have more less appeal so remove it as a reader gaga argumentative or Ania what if a moody so this is the argument it’ll type of essay on the topic GST but mostly I tell you don’t go for argumentative types in our example cousin asana but mostly in the united ammonius to see your back being lighter the movement either you go for the debate over explicitly estates on the next time which i am going to you analytical or compare/contrast you will go for this okay yeah so now let us do that makes the type of they stay on the topic GST so now we are here to talk about the third type of presenting and si compare and contrast type of essay on the same topic GST so I purchased a party poop the GST plus more taxes 40 million Aria articles later points palak paneer King about you can also compare and contrast and show the reader give a broader outlook of all the taxes is that clear so this is also one way of writing and I see and this is absolutely your eyes it gives about it is about the knowledge of the presenter okay so be again the same engine paragraph Wilco introduction body learn three paragraphs and conclusion but in that type of interaction a player to know bodily and I will go conclusion in a lacunae lasondra so opening statement that thesis statement should have a famous code so I am repeating the same quote also in again in your compare it contrasts on wrong so we must care for each other mode we must tax each other less I think reading in demotic putting on my clock because we are going to compare in contrast so it is tax less and think about care more so this is like a contrast okay so with this opening remarks then you will tell introduction what are the different types of taxes so like either were taught me this about GST but what does why is it given so am i connecting various central and state government taxes into one single time tax system so no Leah you know the explanation of a footer but even in a municipal you will give up there about all other taxes mentioned like Central Excise see a CST T and GSD wealth tax give tax etcetera hell are you you know a tax system this is going to be merged into a single tax appealing a solid with it but there’s opening thesis statement the reader will understand okay we are going to get input about the various tax system in one introduction now the three key point is so that will be your body so first point will be the salient features only the difference of the party gonna salient features of each tax put up in India CS 3 TN GST wealthtrack so positive people come back wondering GST is a lot more generality has two key ever attacks were wrong an insulator second key point which will be the third paragraph it will talk about the benefits or advantages of other taxes with respect to GST or the advantages of GST with respect to other taxes then the third key point which will be your fourth paragraph when we talk about the limitations of other taxes limitations of GST so this is a comparing on trust paragraph so you have to compare it mattress radius taxes with GST sorry for the reader le béret Maghrib our enemy conclusion if way in the conclusion emptier kinoma justify whether the this country requires GST or it requires the various tax systems based on the points given by you in the body so this will be like a summary of your three key points restating the thesis statement and give it the final statement whether this does GST is good or the old system is good but in hey don’t of argument finally we are just presenting various points about various senses so you know about them or closing statement it can give I’ll give you one coat people who complain about taxes can be divided into two classes men and women this is also a code given by Li anonymous about taxes so this also man women it is like compare and contrast so if the mark or totally nobody computed it will be very very appreciable so stay away I meet you in the next video which will be tomorrow for your little maintain so let us write it will also have almost the same topics but it will be in the letter format so we will be discussing in detail the formats as well as the presentation of letter writing and if you like this session so please share your share the reviews friends and give your lights and paste on your feedbacks and lights and Shelley we will be coming up with different concepts like this which with an exception [Music] you [Music]

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